Steroids while Pregnant, Is It Safe for Your Baby

Whether you are one of the pregnant women who want to take steroids while pregnant? Before you make a steroid shot for baby while pregnant, read the review below.

Steroids while PregnantPregnancy while Steroids, for Premature Birth

How conceiving while steroids? Are pregnant women allowed to take steroids? Steroids are drugs known as corticosteroids. Steroids are a synthetic form of the natural human hormone.

Some cases were possibly never heard of a doctor giving steroids to pregnant women due to premature birth will occur. Premature birth is the birth of a baby before 37 weeks completed. Babies born too early are still having trouble breathing because their lungs have not fully developed.

In this condition, if the baby will be born too early then give steroids to the mother before birthit can help the baby’s lungs develop faster. Steroids would normally be injected into one of the major muscles that mothers arms, legs, or buttocks. Steroid injection was given two to four times over two days depending on doctor’s advice.

When steroids are injected to pregnant women, the drugs will walk through the bloodstream to the body and the baby’s lungs. It aims to reduce the risk of complications or risk of death in these infants.

Corticosteroids are not the same as the steroids used by athletes. What are the side effects of baby while pregnant? There are no side effects for the baby. Several studies have shown that prenatal corticosteroids are very safe for the mother and baby. Steroid treatment has not been found to have serious side effects in pregnant women.