Какви са рисковете, свързани с гръдните импланти, вероятно се случи?

Какви са рисковете, свързани с гръдните импланти, които могат да ви бият? Ето, ние споделяме доверен информация за гръдни импланти рискове.

Гръдните импланти, направени със силиконови пликове и пълни с силиконов гел или физиологичен разтвор (солена вода) първо са били продадени в САЩ през 1960 г., но продажбите са сравнително бавни до 1980. До 1990 г., обаче, почти 1 милион жени са били подложени на импланта хирургия, въпреки че няма проучвания за безопасност са били публикувани. Повечето от тези жени имаха силиконов гел на имплантите гърдата, които предпочитани пластмасови хирурзите на.

Въпреки това, има ли някакъв страничен ефект или риск от гръдните импланти? Ние ще си поделят рисковете и информация за получаване на гръдните импланти.

Причини, поради които жените избират гръдните импланти

Women have breast implants for two reasons: augmentation or reconstruction after mastectomies. Cancer could develop in either situation, though the risk is low. ALCL is estimated to occur in 1 in 300,000 women with implants.

The decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal and you will have to weigh the potential benefits in achieving your goals with the risks and potential complications of breast augmentation. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications.

Risks of breast implants

Implants may develop a hole in the outer layer of silicone from wear-and-tear. In the case of a leak, some women have the implant removed and replaced, while others may not notice right away and simply live with a small puncture, says Dr. Lee. Before gel silicone implants were introduced, the risk of a leak was around 10% in the first decade; now, Dr. Lee says that risk has dropped a bit.

Capsular contracture occurs when a layer of scar tissue develops around the implant, causing the capsule of tissue around the breast to shrink, and the breasts to feel too hard or firm. The issue can range from mild to severe, and Dr. Lee says some patients may elect to undergo a capsulectomy to take the implant out temporarily and remove the thickened capsule.

Local complications

Local complications refer to problems that occur in the breast area that is obviously related to the breast implants or the surgery. Common complications include infection and other surgical risks, chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, capsular contracture, breakage and leakage, necrosis (skin death), the need for additional surgery, and cosmetic problems such as dissatisfaction with how the breast looks with the implant).

Silicone migration

Research has shown that silicone gel in implants can break down to liquid silicone at normal body temperatures, and there are reports of silicone leakage and migration from implants to the lymph nodes and other organs.

What should do?

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