Premature ejaculation and infertility: best treatment

What do you know about premature ejaculation and infertility? Here is the best solution for an effective treatment for those.

In this case, every poll since the Crimean War has shown that one of women main complaints is that men ejaculate too soon. Experts say most people reach orgasm in less than three minutes while most women require at least seven minutes. Do the math, if you are not lasting long enough, then you are likely leaving your woman frustrated and unsatisfied.

Causes of premature ejaculation and infertility

There are many causes of premature ejaculation, including prostate health issues, prescription medications, cold medications and some depressive conditions can cause premature ejaculation. However, medical conditions are not the only cause. Some men are super sensitive or they tend to arouse easily. Getting overly excited about sex can also cause premature ejaculation and you can be sure even the manliest man has suffered at least once before.

Premature ejaculation (PE), as the name suggests, occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than they (or their partner) would like. If it happens infrequently, you do not need to worry. However, if you find that you ejaculate sooner than you wish on a regular basis – such as before intercourse begins or shortly afterward, then you need to find help. Often self-help can work, but if it does not, then you need medical assistance. Though premature ejaculation is a non-life-threatening condition, like ED, it has a serious impact on quality of life.

Possible treatments for premature ejaculation (and infertility)

If the premature ejaculation is associated with a medical condition, your doctor will likely focus on that condition first. Once the condition is brought under control, the symptoms of premature ejaculation may fade away. If premature ejaculation is still a problem, your doctor may continue looking for other underlying conditions that may be causing issues, including possible psychological considerations.

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Premature ejaculation and infertility: best treatment