How to increase female sexual desire with the best supplement

Do you know how to increase female sexual desire? We have the best ideas to increase your sexual drive. Read this article.

You have heard (and tried) it all before: down a dozen oysters, watch a marathon of sultry movies, get couples massage. Even if these usual turn-ons work for you, eventually they start to feel tired, which may make you less likely to respond to them.

What does your bedroom look like right now? Is the bed unmade? Do you pile your dressers high with books, magazines, and dust? How do you increase your libido?

How to feel sexy again

Tackle the clutter, and other distracting things in your boudoir. If you and your partner watch too much TV, move it to the living room. If there is a stack of mail or bills, put them in a room that you associate with work, not sleep or sex.

Track down the source of the anger, and deal with it, advices Dr. Schwartz. Whether it is anger over his lack of empathy or the fact that he did not do the dishes last night, dont let anger become toxic to your relationship.

Be a poser

Yoga does more than just get you limber, it may boost your libido, too, suggests a review published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. Getting your own makes you more familiar with your body, which in turn can help you get more in touch with your sexuality.

While the report looked predominantly at women with sexual problems, certainly anyone can benefit, says Lori Brotto, PhD, the lead author. Bonus: Yoga may also improve your orgasms by increasing blood flow down there.

Get hands-on

Locking fingers with your sweetie is, well, sweet, but can it make you hot and bothered? Absolutely, even little acts of touching your partner release oxytocin, a hormone that may boost closeness and arousal, Dr. Goldstein says.

The trick is to be spontaneous, he adds. That out-of-the-blue excitement is what prompts your body to pump out oxytocin and other neurotransmitters related to sexual response, so choose unexpected times to get a little grabby.

Best female sexual desire supplement

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How to increase female sexual desire with the best supplement