Don’t Worry, There Steroids that Don’t Cause Hair Loss

You do not worry read the news that steroids can cause balding. Apparently there are steroids that don’t cause hair loss. What are these steroids?

Steroids that Don't Cause Hair LossHair Loss and Balding Problems

Until now, the hair loss is still a major problem for many people. Because hair loss can reduce one’s confidence. Hair loss becomes a problem at all ages and backgrounds, especially males. Man is the owner of more hair loss than women.

Testosterone Steroids Can Cause Baldness

Some of the statements revealed that testosterone causes baldness. This is because Dihydrotestostesterone (DHT) binds intracellular androgen receptor that causes hair growth is inhibited even make the hair becomes thinner gradually.

Actually the problem of hair loss and baldness depends on each individual. If someone has a genetic hair loss then he will experience hair loss when taking testosterone. For those who are not sensitive to the effects of DHT and hair loss do not possess the gene, they also do not experience hair loss.

Steroids That Can Save You from Baldness

– Anavar (Oxandrolone): Anavar safe for steroid users who are prone to hair loss and baldness problems because Anavar does not convert to DHT or estrogen.

– Primobolan (Methenolone): Primobolan is a steroid that is safe for your hair. Primobolan safer than testosterone. But now it is difficult to find this type of steroid.

– Trenbolone.

– Anadrol.

– Dianabol.

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Don’t Worry, There Steroids that Don’t Cause Hair Loss